Pokemon Draft August 12th

Event Starts at 5:00pm Saturday August 12th! Hope to see you here!

Pokemon Draft

Get ready for this exciting and unique new way to play the Pokémon card game! Players will have the chance to build a 40 card deck using only the cards provided by the booster packs you open at the event! Each player removes one card from the first pack they open, and passes them along. This repeats until every card from each pack has been claimed. No player has a strict advantage against any other player which will leave the game open to new players. Draft is always bringing something new with it every time you come! Play starts at 5:00pm every 2nd and 4th Saturday

Pokemon Hang Out

Every Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, our space is open to all who wish to play and trade Pokémon! We usually have a mixed age range and a lot of good people showing up to battle, so be sure not to miss out on the action!

Pokemon Workshop

Learn how to play the Pokémon Card game at it's core level. Our master trainers will guide you though a few games with a group of fellow fans and be there to answer any of your questions! This exciting class will also give you access to special promotions and offers!

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