Metro Retro strives to offer the most exciting Pokémon collection that we can put together. Our effort goes heavily into providing fans and collectors a little bit of everything to make their time searching a every bit worthwhile.


Metro Retro is always interested in buying Pokémon collections. We accept cards from all years and any rarity, and take collections of all sizes. We are even looking to buy Pokémon collectibles such as toys and sealed products both vintage and new


Part of Pokemon collecting has always been the thrill of trading! Here at Metro Retro, we totally understand that, and even remember the days on the playground haggling it out with classmates showing off eachothers most prizes possesions. So why not relive those moments? Come down and make a trade with us to pass on a few cards you may be a bit tired of and switch things up with something fresh and new!


What do you buy?

Metro Retro buys video games, gaming consoles, Pokémon cards, as well as other select vintage collectibles. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to show us what you have for sale because you may have something we don't even know that we want!

When and how do I sell?

We currently do not require appointments to sell and walk-ins are encouraged during our regular business hours. If you feel as if you have a considerably large collection to sell, you may reach out to book a reserved time. You may book with us through any branch on our contact page! Payment for your goods can be sent with Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp, or in cash.